Creating your own custom cereal is easy!



You choose the ingredients

This is the hardest part because you have to decide! With more than 30 ingredients available, you really have a choice and can make virtually unlimited combinations.

You start by choosing a base ingredient like oats, flakes or crisps. Then you can add some freeze dried fruits - from favorite classics like bananas, strawberries or cranberries over more exotic choices like mangos, we offer something for everyone!

To add some crunch and boost the nutritional profile of your mix, you can continue and add some nuts&seeds to your mix. We have all-time hits like cashews as well as nutritious powerhouses like brazil nuts, chia and flax seeds.

If you want to make your mix really outstandingly healthy, you can then add some superfoods to it. You know, things like goji berries, bee pollen or wheatgrass powder. It's all up to you.

And finally, time for some treats - all healthy, of course! During the last step, you can finish your mix with some extras like cacao nibs, raisins or natural sweeteners.

We mix and ship it

Well, not much to say here. Just give us and the friendly postal guys a few days, and you'll get your mix delivered to your home. And the comes the fun part:

You enjoy

The most important step! Grab your mix, pour over some milk (we recommend unsweetened almond milk) and enjoy! Has guilt-free indulgence ever tasted better? 

Ready? Start making your own cereal mix here!