Bigger is Better: Get up to 2x as much for the same price!

Posted by Peter 26/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Get up to 2x as much for the same price!

Now you can get even more of your favorite breakfast cereals from MCerealMix for the same price as we've introduced new sizes that give you up to 2x as before for the same price.

Whenever you choose an Oatmeal or 9 Grain Muesli Base for your Custom Cereal, you'll get an extra large bag with a net weight of 32 oz. Thats two full pounds of breakfast goodness and good for 16 servings. If you pick the protein flakes as your base, the bag will be topped off as well and contain 12 servings for a total net weight of 24 oz.

And the best part? The price is the same as before. Get your own Custom Cereal now.

If you prefer one our pre-mixed Signature Blends, they come in new sizes too. Our 50% Fruits, Nuts and Seeds Muesli now comes in the new 32 oz size and our Low Carb High Protein Cereal is now available in the bigger 24 oz size as well. Enjoy!